Do not rush to throw away old things that can fetch a lot of money. Photo

    "НеSell them, you can get rich.

    Who among us does not dream to suddenly get rich: inherit it, win the lottery or find a treasure? About it piled many stories and filmed more movies. But fancy, alas, are fantasies. Although… Sometimes treasures are right in front of your eyes. Don’t believe? Then take a look at your own kitchen or grandma’s old sideboard. And if you will find there are things on this list, rejoice: now they can sell for good money. Vintage is back in fashion.

    Antiques have always been in price from collectors and lovers of curiosities. But the market of old things many pitfalls. First, ordinary people often do not realize that among all sorts of trinkets and “bling-bling” keep the house a potential source of income. And, secondly, I have no idea how and where all this stuff to sell. This draws the attention of the American scholar and expert on Antiques Lori’s Verdera (Dr. Lori Verderame). Laurie even has his own show on a famous channel, History Chanel, in which she explains that the vintage now in the price and what to do with it. For example, she advises to look at home these things and try to sell them on a popular Internet auction site eBay. The result can surpass even the wildest expectations. So rather go in search of these treasures.

    1. Crystal


    Bohemian, French – Yes, whatever. The fact that most of us seems to be a relic and the forgotten luxury of the Soviet era, now becoming more popular in the West. Moreover, the simulated crystal can be found even in the latest collections of brands in the mass market, like IKEA. What is not a reason to unload the sideboard?

    2. Old collection of Pyrex cookware


    Heat resistant Pyrex glass cookware is extremely popular among modern fashionistas and desperate Housewives. But for true hipsters and lovers of culinary delights far greater value are the pots and kettles from the collections of twenty years ago and more. Yes, in our part of French cookware was a rare commodity. But if you happen to have friends or relatives abroad, who brought exotic gifts, mentally thank them and boldly expose vintage for sale.

    3. Old perfume bottles


    In the ideal crystal, with a glass lid. That is looking for them at auctions not so much the perfume lovers, collectors and even interior designers.

    4. Christmas decorations


    Believe it or not, old Christmas decorations, even the Soviet era – just happiness to collectors! It is a pity, due to the fragility of “rarity” to keep it intact is far from over.

    5. Cookie cutters


    The older the better. And if we timed to any holiday or historical event – and all the treasure!

    6. Wicker furniture


    Forward will be difficult, but worth it.

    7. Lithograph


    Fact for thought: in the West, paintings, lithograph from popular and widely available in the early 20th century, a series of Currier and Ives still hanging on the walls in many homes. Meanwhile, at auction, their value reaches $ 100,000. There is something to think about.

    8. Ceramic figurines


    The difficulty is that their true cost can only define the professionals. But if you happen to preserve a rare figurine, it is possible to obtain good money.

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